Due Deligence Investigations

Due Diligence are the processes of exercising reasonable care to avoid unnecessary exposure. In part these investigations are done to verify stated information prior to entering into a business transaction. The idea behind this type of investigation is to reveal the truth and minimize business risk while providing quality information to the decision makers.

For companies who are involved with mergers, acquisitions, joint venture, partnership deals and countless other business scenarios, consideration should be given to contacting us to discuss your needs so we can assist in the design of an action plan using our various services and expertise. The results of our services can act as a spotlight into past dealings and behavior which in turn may give you a glimpse of what to expect in the future. You may or may not like what you learn. Listed below are a few benefits that you gain when conducting Due Diligence Investigations:

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You Need Due Deligence to

  • Reduce on risk
  • Minimize embarrassing situations
  • Obtain and keep peace of mind
  • Ensures reliability
  • Nothing hidden
  • No surprises
  • It’s just a good business practice

The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of 1977 is the first major piece of national legislation aimed at combating bribery and the first to introduce corporate liability, responsibility for third parties and extra-territoriality for corruption offenses. Prohibition of bribery payments is limited to foreign officials, and the FCPA includes a limited exception for facilitation payments. With nearly global jurisdiction, the FCPA is widely enforced, and the current trend points towards increased enforcement actions, fines and imprisonment.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) consider the extent to which a company has self-reported, cooperated and taken appropriate remedial actions when considering an enforcement action. In addition, the DOJ and SEC will evaluate the adequacy of the company’s compliance programme.

The DOJ and SEC do not formulate requirements regarding compliance programmes. When evaluating compliance programmes, inquiries relate to three questions: (1) Is the company’s compliance programme well designed? (2) Is it applied in good faith? (3) Does it work?

Each company may have different compliance needs that depend on their size or risk exposure, so there is no compliance programme that suits every business.

In business, surprises are not a good thing. Too often business decisions are made without verifying provided information, which can turn out badly in the end.

Smart business people know how to minimize their business risk. They do this in part by routinely conducting Business Backgrounds | Business Investigations before entering relationships with customers, vendors, clients, partners, etc.

Lawsuits are won by hard evidence, credible witness statements and indisputable testimony.

Here at the Kaps Impex, we specialize in conducting investigations that support legal cases by providing the facts, documents and witnesses that support our clients’ legal cases.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and their lawyers to provide the information that helps them make sound legal decisions.


Statistics show that insurance fraud already costs companies millions a year and these changing attitudes certainly won’t help. Fortunately, statistics also show that when insurance providers partner with skilled investigators who specialize in insurance fraud, their claims-associated financial losses are significantly reduced.

Kaps Impex conducts thorough investigations of insurance claims of all types, providing written and visual documentation that helps insurance providers better determine the validity and compensability of claims and protect themselves and their clients from costly fraud and abuse. Our investigations are proven to reduce claims payouts or eliminate them altogether and to bring about faster settlements, saving insurance providers both money and valuable time.

We also provide ongoing SIU management and compliance services as well as continuing education courses to help keep your staff up to date on industry trends, changes and legislation.

Crime and other offenses in the workplace occur more often than realized. Regardless of an employee’s age, experience, tenure or position these may occur from the warehouse floor to the front office.

Business offenses or crimes may include theft, fraud, negligence, harassment, violence, active shooter or drug and alcohol activity. Due diligence investigations apply to various industries and assist in hiring decisions and when entering into an investment or business agreement/relationship.

Kaps Impex’s investigators work to:

  • Identify weak areas of security
  • Critique employee practices
  • Help to identify actions and involved individuals
  • Work within the facility among employees to obtain information and evidence
  • Minimize and eliminate further opportunities
  • Identify corporations and/or officers
  • Verify credentials and credibility
  • Evaluate/assess/mitigate risks

ecent research shows a troubling trend in consumer attitudes toward fraud particularly when it comes to insurance and workplace violence.

Over the decade prior, a study showed a significant increase in the number of people who deem it ethical to:

  • Misrepresent facts on an insurance application to lower their premiums;
  • File a claim for damage that occurred before the damage was covered;
  • Inflate a claim to cover a deductible;
  • Misrepresent an incident in an effort to secure payment for losses covered and not covered

These attitudes are particularly troubling during economic downturns, when a full 76% (up from 66% in 2033) of respondents admit they are more likely to commit insurance fraud.

The Kaps Impex offers fraud and risk assessments and prevention programs to combat these trends.

Kaps Impex specializes in comprehensive reputation due diligence and background investigations, asset search and recovery solutions, conflict resolution and all aspects of litigation support services.

With the increased need for mitigating risk and protecting your company’s assets and reputation, confidential intelligence gathering through an organized due diligence initiative is a critical component of managing and growing your business. Whether or not the transaction is friendly or adversarial, transparent or covert, Kaps Impex can develop discrete investigative solutions to meet all your objectives.

At Kaps Impex, your company will work with seasoned investigative specialists who have the resources, intelligence and experience to decode and decipher complex data, summarizing the risk associated with a relationship or transaction.

Sample Services
Asset Recovery

Integrated has the resources and staff to conduct a comprehensive discrete asset search on principals, shareholders, corporations and private individuals. An uncertain strategy for loan recovery can be costly and time-consuming. Regardless of the challenges, assigning the right investigative team can offer lenders and creditors the best methods to maximize the recovery of loans and other assets.

Bankruptcy Fraud

Our seasoned team of investigator specialists can uncover individuals or corporations that have filed for bankruptcy protection and retrieve court filings.

Business & Corporate Credit Reports

In today’s business world, some things are certain, competition is intense, the economy continues to evolve and because of the Internet, business moves at a faster pace. There is a competitive need for business intelligence to understand consumers, partners and to support the quantity of decisions now made at these new transactional speeds. To help you make smart decisions, Integrated can obtain credit history reports, along with other critical intelligence on corporations, principals and stakeholders to keep you informed.

Consumer Credit Reports (Only with Authorization)

There are some very good reasons why you may want to obtain a Consumer Credit report. Credit reports often validate and confirm important identification, such as the legal name of the individual, current and previous residential addresses, and social security number.

Also reported: trade line information reported by creditors and other institutions; current and past loans; leases; or other debt (such as utilities and medical). Public record information from financial-related public filings, such as records of bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, garnishments, and other civil judgments are also listed.

Collection Data reported by collection agencies regarding credit and revolving credit line accounts may also be present. Integrated can obtain individual credit reports, however each search will require a signed authorization by the subject.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is the practice of utilizing accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to assist in legal matters.

At Kaps Impex, we have the staff and resources to review and evaluate financial documents and transactional and database materials, in order to uncover any type of financial fraud, discrepancies, or misrepresentations of over valuations. Another aspect of Forensic Accounting is associated with the factual presentation of economic issues related to existing or pending litigation. The forensic accounting professional can quantify damages sustained by parties involved in legal disputes and assist with mediating disputes, even before they reach the courtroom. If the matter reaches the courtroom, the forensic accountant can offer expert witness testimony on your behalf.

Judgments, Liens and Tax Suits

Through proprietary resources and databases, Integrated can obtain detailed information on all lender/creditor liens, judgments or bankruptcies. Also available are detailed filings on federal, state or local tax suits filed against a company, its principal shareholders and/or individuals.

Motor Vehicle Searches

Kaps Impex has proprietary access to  motor vehicle records. These inquiries are available in real-time and enable our investigative staff to obtain detailed information on operator licenses, vehicle registrations, insurance, motor vehicle violations and accidents. Other resources are available to obtain motor vehicle and related information nationwide.

Real Property Searches

Our seasoned investigators have the ability to uncover hidden real estate holdings and assets throughout the country and internationally.

Kaps Impex will locate all the essential information, including but not limited to: Property Records; Property Ownership; Property Taxes; Property Sales History; Zoning, Permits; Property Valuation Model; Property Photos and More!